Friday, June 13, 2008

Bill Duckton Disses Hecot Smithly

When Bluegreenplant headquarters informed Bill Duckton that his misplaced travel companion, Hecot Smithly, was safe and sound and in Cuba, Duckton had a rather selfish response: "Why don't you focus on me. I am in the center of the Earth. He is just in some commie island."

Duckton's comments were considered offensive and were censored in the Republic of Cuba.


professorwillardalacranjohnsonphd said...

He should have said on a commie island, not in a commie island. This haphazard slathering of prepositions has to be something tagged and repaired. Don't butcher the English language!

Willard Alacran Johnson, Phd

Anonymous said...

Maybe the center of the earth is commie. Duckton is there right, so he shouldn't talk. He has no where the hell he is or who those people are.

-Maribelle Solinksy

friendsofelian said...

Hecot Smithy was seen with Elian Gonzalez, so says CNN. Interesting picture, too.

M. Sommerville Montoya

Anonymous said...

AHHH! Very scary picture!

-X. Goldstein