Sunday, May 18, 2008

Duckton Reports Humanoid Creatures Living In the Center of the Earth

Bill Duckton, who has been exploring the center of the Earth all alone since being somehow separated from his guide, Mayor Hecot Smithly, has found a cure for his loneliness. He reports that he has encountered Humanoid beings in the center of the Earth. His report follows:

Bill Duckton here. Nobody will believe it, but I will send photographic proof as soon as I can figure out the camera. There are tons of people in the center of the Earth and they wear clothes. They are very shy and I think I am bigger than them. They look pretty clean, but speak gibberish when they talk. They just stare at me and back up when I move toward them. Then they move toward me when I back up. It is so creepy. I wish Hecot Smithly were with me. I never expected to encounter something like this alone.


Anonymous said...

duckton is cool

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me as if he is on the verge of panic.

Chloe Turnberry

Anonymous said...

I think he is in Hell. It sounds like it to me.

-Pastor Melford Lomton

Anonymous said...

Duckton is on drugs. He must have eaten some of those crazy-ass mushrooms that grow in dark, damp places below the earth's crust. I hope he brings some back with him.

-Joe Fatima

Anonymous said...

I am offended by that last post.

-Gertrude Mertly

Anonymous said...

is there any word from him? i want 2 see the pictures

Trudy Truliner