Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Duckton Says Smithly is Too Bossy

Transmitting from the hole that goes through the Earth's mantle, to the center of the Earth, Bill Duckton, Bluegreenplant's cracker-jack reporter has filed a new report, which has set some of his co-workers at The Blue Green Power Plant on the edge of concern:

Bill Duckton here. As we get closer to the magma which surrounds the Earth's core, it is really heating up. My guide and exploring buddy, Mayor Hecot Smithly, is still sporting a puffy jacket which makes him hot and bothered. He is very bossy and obnoxious. Why are some people so talkative?! He talks so much that he doesn't hear what I am saying. The air down here miles under the Earth's crust is very earthy. It is like breathing in a deep hole way under ground. I would write more, but Smithly, the precious Renaissance Mayor, is blocking my light with his damn jacket and I am getting pissed off.


TAbbylane@BGP.org said...

I am one of his co-workers and I am not concerned.

Tabby Lane

Anonymous said...

I told you that Hell is down there!

-X. Goldsmith

Anonymous said...

I doubt we will ever see them again.

-X. Goldstein

Anonymous said...

If anyone can get through this, it's Duckton.

Bill Dafferty