Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Duckton Describes Earth's Crust

Bluegreenplant Reporter Bill Duckton has filed his first report on his journey with Hecot Smithly to the center of the Earth:
"The Earth's crust is aptly named, resembling a pie crust. I wish you guys could see it.
We have observed worm-like organisms and there is quite a bit of pressure in our
ears. Have to admit, I am a little nervous, but Mayor Hecot Smithly, my partner and guide, is
an excellent conversationalists."

Bill Duckton


Anonymous said...

Only in America!

Bryce Sperling

Anonymous said...

How do we know this is not a hoax?

-Kendra Pratt

bluegreenplant said...

The Blue Green Power Plant checks and rechecks its stories for veracity. Then after that, we double check. Rest assured that Bill Duckton is one hundred percent the real deal.