Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crafty Lawyers Get William Towelamp out on Bail

William Towelamp, who was arrested last night for trespassing on land he used to own, is free on bail after serving less than eleven minutes in County Jail. He was arrested for entering the property with a cement truck and attempting to seal the hole that goes to the center of the Earth. He was caught by a security guard who finally woke up after hearing the noise of the truck. "I thought it was a monster, then I realized I was dreaming, man, and I stopped that crazy guy," said Cecil B. Toppinger of Moonstone Security Company.


Anonymous said...

If they get trapped down there, there is another escape hole. I believe it comes up inside of a Costco in Bakersfield, California.

-Mrs. Phillip H. Marburg, III

Anonymous said...

I think that Towelamp is holding a grudge and is up to something.

Lassiter Vega
Umpton Park, Michigan