Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bluegreenplant Reporter in Over His Head

The Blue Green Power Plant reporter who is traveling to the center of the Earth with the mayor of Mulch Park, Nebraska has filed a report that will knock your socks off:

What we see of our past trail is a diminishing circle of light from a sun that is farther away from us than it has ever been. In front of us, a somber flashlight limping on two double D batteries illuminates what no man has seen before.

It is cold in the inside of the earth and we can hear a grinding sound, presumably the sound of the Earth spinning on its increasingly unlubricated axis. Hecot Smithly is getting on my nerves; he talks about himself a lot. If I hear anything more about his adventure of being absorbed into a towel...I will go nuts.

I want everyone to know I love them.

-----Bill Duckton, Reporter and Journalist


Anonymous said...

I knew they shouldn't have gone down there. This is awful! Who is going to rescue them?

Does Duckton think he is Major Tom?

-Sharina Blonart

Anonymous said...

I am not worried, but I am concerned.

Trevor Shipton

sirWilliamTowelamp said...

I volunteer to organize a rescue party.

Sir William Towelamp

Anonymous said...

Major Tom died. We have to trust Towelamp, um sir William Towelamp.

Oscar Cascarabias