Sunday, February 17, 2008

Readers Will Not Believe Real Name of Renaissance Man

A dumbfounded and flabbergasted Blue Green Power Plant reporter sat mutely babbling, like a wheel of fortune contestant who got the puzzle right after the buzzer rang, after just one question with the Renaissance Man, the mayor of Mulch Park.

After three cups of coffee to ward off the Nebraska cold, our reporter playfully inquired to the Renaissance Mayor the question he was previously unable to answer in court due to a jaw injury, "What is your name?"

The Renaissance Mayor took the question seriously. He hesitated and then rubbed his newly un-wired jaw, which doctors say healed nicely. Then he replied, "My name is Hecot Smithly."

A pin was heard dropping on the other side of the room. The Renaissance man is the same man who was absorbed into a towel and trapped in some kind of Nirvana/Twilight Zone until finally rescued by a heroic doctor, who is now missing.

Our Blue Green Power Plant reporter finally gathered his wits for a follow up question, but instead dumbly said, "I thought I'd seen that face before."

The exclusive interview was over.


Anonymous said...

BOOHYA! I knew it was Hecot Smithly all along and now my brother owes me MUCHO bucks from our bet. TOLD YOU SO, XAVIER!

-X. Goldsmith

LipLover said...

I like this news better than American Idol and the presidental race.

-Markie Spelling

Anonymous said...

But why would Hecot Smithly have any reason to be so hostile towards William Towelamp?

Ann Quupe

Anonymous said...

I believe it's Sir William Towelamp.

Larry Oliver

Anonymous said...

This is so interesting because Hecot Smithly's doctor (Dr.Reginald Gamma) was on the news today. It seems that he is on the short list to replace Fidel Castro, the ailing strongman of Cuba.

Lenin Suarez

Anonymous said...

He was NOT in some kind of Nirvana- Twilight Zone thing!!!He was in HEAVEN. I am talking about the other side of the firmament, Heaven. Either he is the stupidest asshole who ever walked on the face of the earth, or he is a prophet.

Deacon Miller

Anonymous said...

A prophet? Is he Morman?

-X. Goldstein