Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Renaissance Mayor Injured By Falling Piano

The Renaissance man was injured by a piano which fell three stories from the balcony of the Towelamp vacation home in Nebraska. Spokesman for the Omaha Metropolitan Hospital, Dr. Milo Ottenger, states that, "He is an excellent patient. Whoever did this to him was a horrible person. Surgeons had to remove 23 piano keys from his thigh. He is a very brave patient, under sedation now."

When asked for a comment, the Mayor just groaned and waved.

Towelamp was spotted eating cereal on the porch of his home. When asked for comment, he seemed in high spirits, "Since I am so rich, I push a piano off the balcony every year to celebrate New Years. I didn't know he was down there. Happy new years!"


Anonymous said...

This is an atrocity! MR. Towelamp should be thrown into jail and the keys tossed away!

p.s. That Milo Ottenger sure gets around...

-E. Grunion

poetlaureate4me said...

Will he be able to play the piano now?

-Steve, the poet

Trogladyteskeletonmeasurer said...

Is that some kind of joke from the poet laureate? I don't think it is funny to joke about someone who has had a piano dropped on him.

Maybel Bliptoninger