Sunday, December 09, 2007

Renaissance Man Vows to Hold Elections

The Renaissance man has declared his hotel made of dung and buried in magnetic mulch to be the city of Mulch Park, Nebraska and announced that elections for mayor will be upcoming as soon as the bugs are out of the city charter. When asked by a reporter if he would run for the office, the renaissance man was coy, "I won't commit myself to anything until my exploratory committee gives me its report." He was about to leave when he dramatically turned and added, "At least I know what country I am a citizen of. So that's no problem." Reporters snickered at this veiled jab at William Towelamp.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't mean jack until Oprah endorses him.

-Melvin Jones

Li'l Tammy said...

I for one admire his exuberance and vigor.

Tammy Pulgar

Anonymous said...

If a man can get a hotel made from excrement, he's got a good shot at being mayor. He's got my vote!

-Pinky Tuchas