Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Renaissance Man Released by Judge Judy Look-alike

A Judge who resembled television judge "Judge Judy" proclaimed the Vatican Police out of juristiction in Nebraska and the Renaissance Man was released. "Get out! You're a free man,"
she said. Reporters applauded, since it seemed that the Renaissance Man had no family or friends in the courtroom.

After the proceeding, a spokesman for the Pope said, "This is not over until it reaches the highest court of Heaven. We know he will be condemned in that court."

Renaissance man plans to return to his illegally built hotel on Interstate 80 in Nebraska. "I don't care if it is burried in mulch," he said, "I like it there."


Anonymous said...

If she wasn't Judge Judy, then who was she? A look-alike? How do we know the Pope in Nebraska is not a look-alike? And this Renaissance he a look-alike, too?

-Steve, the poet

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gesture on the judge's part, especially during the holidays.
-Mona Starling

Li'l Toby said...

I am so glad that the Renaissance man is not living in the middle ages, with the Pope selling indulgences and taking advantage of everyone and burning heretics.

Thank God we are in America.

Toby Gainsford
Millicent, Colorado

bluegreenplant said...

Answer for Steve, the poet:

At the Blue Green Power Plant, we confirm and re confirm our stories. The Judge Judy look alike's name is Judge Guadalupe Mortenson, of Naussau County New York's floating Court. It sub-contracts with other courts which have an overwhelming caseload.

The Pope and the Renaissance man are just as real as you are: we assure you.