Monday, November 12, 2007

Renaissance Man Arrested By Vatican Police

The Interstate 80 squatter who self-describes himself as a Renaissance man was arrested by the Vatican Police today and taken to an undisclosed location. Sources say that he is being charged with "obstructing the Pope's reporter."

When the Pope's reporter was interviewing Sir William Towelamp about his philanthropism for a Catholic News Channel, the renaissance man ran into the area where the video was being shot and threw dung, sod, or mulch at Towelamp, who appeared disgruntled. The renaissance man grabbed the microphone from the holy journalist and began ranting about magnetic mulch being dumped illegally on his hotel.

Spokesmen for Towelamp responded with a quip: "The Renaissance man didn't own this land anyway."


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-Alvin Parker

Anonymous said...

Stop writing stories with me in them. I want to read the news, not be in the news!

Sir William Towelamp