Friday, October 19, 2007

Public Official Doesn't Care About "Renaissance Man"

When it was reported by reporters to a public official of the state of Nebraska that a Squatter had built a hotel on a public highway with the intent of opening it for business, the official stated, "I don't care. That is all wasteland out there anyway."


Anonymous said...

Willa Cather must be spinning in her grave.

Dr. Willard Alacran Johnson, PHD.

Anonymous said...

renaissance man
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was aching with regret coalescing into an ineffable infinity I poured upon it caramel, but decided on praline.

-By Steve

Anonymous said...

Nice poem, Steve. I can really relate to it.

-Sammy Trusdale

Anonymous said...

Where O Where is Bill Duckton?

my heart lusts for him but my soul refuses

rotate my special button

by lavashing you with gifts not involving Spam or mooses

-by Steve (courtesy of NPP-Not Plagiarized Poetry)

Extravaganza of Cartoons said...

So is Bill Dafferty looking for a job now?

bluegreenplant said...

Dafferty still works for us, but he has been advised that he must move out of his corner office.