Sunday, October 07, 2007

Dafferty Receives Stern Repremand

In contrast to the effusive mood he demonstrated only one week ago, Bill Dafferty sat stoically in a euclid green faux leather chair as the members of the board of directors of The Blue Green Power Plant scolded him for inventing the personage of Bill Duckton, a reporter who never existed.

Astute reader, Julius M. Horkner, pointed out that a previous Bluegreenplant article documented the sham in detail, about Dafferty making up Duckton in order to collect more paychecks, get a corner office, and win the Pluitzer Prize.

Dafferty admitted that it was wrong to lie and said that he was sorry.

The Blue Green Power Plant salutes Bill Dafferty for his honesty and candor. It takes a true man to admit when he is wrong.


Anonymous said...

Salute him?! You should fire him! I have known that he is a swine since the time he stole my mousepad for the first time!

Angela Ramos

Anonymous said...

I say take away that euclid green faux leather chair and replace it with a DOGHOUSE, because that is what he DESERVES!

Who is going to pay for all those people who have been on a wild goose chase for Bill Duckton? Seems to me that sorry-ass BILL DAFFERTY should be footing that one.
Kudos to Julius M. Horkner (who should be hired as a reporter).
-Sammy Trusdal

Anonymous said...

In defense of myself, let me point out that everyone who knows Sammy Trusdal considers him to be nothing more than an excrement bubble.

As for my journalism, everything I reported, I trusted my source's veracity and professionalism. And NO; I will not reveal my sources.

At least I still have my corner office.

Bill Dafferty

Anonymous said...

Rumors are circulating that Dafferty's corner office renovation has not yet been paid for.
Is Bluegreen Plant in the hole (not the rabbit hole)? Your readership has a right to know/

-Edgar Souza

bluegreenplant said...

Our ship is in ship-shape.Dafferty's corner office, soon to be known as the "Vending Machine Lounge," is almost paid for. Plus, some of our reporters are investigating a story that will make your ears cringe!

Remember readers, you all have an open invitation to tour our plant. Just show up at the door, bring ID, and we'll show you around. We are in Miami, Florida on the grounds of the former Burger King University.

Anonymous said...

oooh! I can't wait to hear about this new story. This blog is the most exciting on the Internet!
-Mrs. E. Grunion