Friday, October 26, 2007

Ancient Tree being Sold on Home Shopping Network

The ancient tree whose branches revealed a mysterious skeleton, once believed to be that of the mythical Bill Duckton, has been ground up into mulch and is being sold in home convenience centers and on Home Shopping Network.

Sandra Ponmingontl, who played Carrie on the popular sitcom "Cheers," has been singing praises of the mulch. "It works wonders on alkaline soil," she touted, "That is why I let them put my picture on the bag."

Bags go for $10.95, plus shipping.


Anonymous said...

What happened to the idea of nature? Why do we have to grind everything up?

Sgt. Punchy Thompkins, USN

Anonymous said...

I wonder what else is ground up in that mulch.

-Dr. Margaret Atkins

Anonymous said...

I am going to get some to put on my cannabis plants. Roll on!

- Steve, the poet
Humboldt, Ca

bluegreenplant said...

The Blue Green Power Plant discourages the use of mind-altering substances on such an experimental basis.

We are not responsible for what may happen to you.